This document is fundamental in the construction work, not only does it refer to the characteristics of the design, but is also a complete engineering project which includes a specification report and each chapter is valued in due form.

Whilst elaborating the Project, analysis of the environment takes on an important role, so minimizing the environmental impact at the time of solving any technical problems which may arise during the construction.  The final integration of the course in its surroundings will depend on the success of such valuations.

And so, various courses designed by the team which is now Magnolia Golf Design, have been prized with environmental rewards.

The Project´s specific nature and the use of advanced technology, assures us that the work to be carried out has the very best budget. This is the result of all our experience and the profound knowledge which the different contractors have, after having worked together on many sites, and therefore eliminating the uncertainty factors with regards to quality, schedule and final cost of the work to be done.

With a 3D recreation of the Project a final picture of the work can be visualized.
These images which are useful for a display of the course design, are even more so for reaching a global idea of all the elements included in each layout.